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Review Copies of Mimi the Chosen Book One Are Now Available for YA Book Reviewers. And They Are Free!

Posted on: August 29th, 2016 by Publisher 1 Comment


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At the Pelican Com Group There’s Always Someone Standing By To Lend a Hand

Posted on: June 27th, 2016 by Publisher 1 Comment

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Writing and publishing a book can be challenging .  And when things go wrong,  you’ll want all the help you can get.  As soon as you can get it.

There are no”Man’s Best Friends” at the Pelican Com Group. What we have though, is something better. Much better. Namely, a small group of bright, energetic, young publishing professionals with diverse skills trained to work side  by side with our authors, from manuscript submission until the book is in the
hands of its readers.

If the notion of publishing your book while part of a focused, goal-driven writer/publishing team appeals to you, visit our web site at www.pelicancomgroup.com and check us out. Better still, follow up by calling me a my personal line 561-899-6754 and I will answer any questions you might have.


Ron Standerfer


Posted on: May 30th, 2016 by Publisher 2 Comments


Today is Memorial Day, and already the nearby  beaches are jammed with brightly colored umbrellas and throngs of people joyously frolicking in the surf.  And why shouldn’t they? It’s a three day weekend after all—a chance for  hard working people and their families to escape the daily grind of earning a living.

But Memorial Day is not just an excuse for a three day weekend.  That  only happened sometime after 1972, when several holidays were moved to Tuesdays to increase the number of three day weekends available. In particular, it  is not to be confused with Veterans Day. These days Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

As one who flew fighter aircraft (not the safest profession in the world, I admit) during the Cold War years from 1954 to 1981, I am grateful that those who died while on active duty are included in the list of those to be remembered on Memorial Day. That’s because I carry in my mind a floating, ever-changing, ever-fading list of names and faces to be honored every year. For example, I remember clearly a gloomy  year at Misawa Air Base, Japan  when two F-100 Super Sabre Squadrons, the 416th and 531st Tac Fighter Squadrons, lost 12 aircraft and  10 pilots. I was one of the two pilots that survived those accidents by the way.

I believe all veterans need to remember and be remembered. That’s why today I will be visiting one or more veterans cemeteries to pray for the souls of those who reside there   and make sure they are remembered.


Ron Standerfer

USAF Retired/Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Are American Tourists Welcome in Vietnam? The Answer Might Surprise You

Posted on: September 9th, 2015 by Publisher No Comments



The answer varies depending on who you talk to, but  most American travelers find the Vietnamese polite, friendly, and definitely curious about the advantages of living in a democratic, capitalistic society.  Is this a new trend? Not really.  In Mick Greene’s new book “The Life and Adventures of an Old Bold Pilot”,  he  describes a visit he made to Vietnam ten years ago  with five fellow “Yankee Air Pirates” —a term the Vietnamese used to describe those who wreaked  havoc from the sky during the Vietnam War (they call it “the American War” by the way, and they are extremely proud that they won it.)

The Vietnam War is part of American history like it or not. Reading “The Life and Adventures of an Old Bold Pilot” by Mick Greene is a good way to learn about it before it fades away in the rear view window of our society.  How to buy it? It’s simple. Buy it on Amazon or Kindle  or at his web site www.oldboldbio.com.


Author Mick Greene Explains Why A Test Pilot’s Life is Often Routine But Never Boring

Posted on: August 18th, 2015 by Publisher No Comments

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Two aircraft enter a test range, one close behind the other. The lead aircraft is carrying a still unproven weapon. The pilot’s mission is to drop this weapon at air speeds pushing the structural limits of his aircraft.  The chase pilot is there to watch the drop and report what he sees. But there is a catch.  Each pilot is flying a different type of aircraft, each with its own set of unpredictable and sometimes unforgiving  aerodynamic instabilities, especially at extremely high airspeeds.  What happens if one or both aircraft becomes unstable while in close proximity of each other? To find out, read Chapter 9 of Mick’s new book The Life and Adventures of an Old Bold Pilot.  You can buy it here at Amazon or Kindle.

Pelican Group Inks Contract To Publish Time Chronicles

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by Publisher No Comments

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The year is 2104 and the ozone layer is deteriorating rapidly.

Soon our civilization  will cease to exist.

Just one man with a daring but improbable plan stands between the earth’s inhabitants and the final apocalypse.

One man and  his daughter against a cruel and inhuman enemy of his own making.

“Time Chronicles” is coming at the end of the summer.  Watch for it.

Mick Greene’s New Bio Describes How He Became an Old, Bold, Pilot

Posted on: June 29th, 2015 by Publisher No Comments

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He built model planes as a kid, graduated from Annapolis, became

an Air Force test pilot, and in Vietnam volunteered to be a “Misty FAC”,

an extremely dangerous, classified mission whose losses were notoriously high.

Somehow he survived . His new bio, just released on Amazon tell us how.

Read more at The Life and Adventures of An Old Bold Pilot  .


Hadley Palmer, Off Her Rocker’s Ill-Fated Heroine Slowly Emerges

Posted on: February 18th, 2015 by Publisher No Comments



Who is/was Hadley Palmer? A member of author Diane Collman’s family?  A friend or  acquaintance who inspired her to create Hadley Palmer?  Or perhaps, Hadley Palmer is a fictional character who  resided solely in Diane’s rich imagination and sprang forth all on her own. Novelists have a way of making things like that happen.  It’s a kind of magic.

After reading “Off Her Rocker”, I’m convinced that Hadley Palmer occupies a very special place in the heart and mind of the Diane Collman. Why? Because of the understanding, compassion, sympathy, and kindness that comes through when she writes about her.. Listen to the following short reading performed by Diane to see what I mean:

To learn more about this just published, exciting novel “Off Her Rocker” please visit www.offherrocker.net

A Veterans Day Post Mortem: Looking Back Through The Fog Of War Darkly

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by Publisher No Comments

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It’s been two weeks exactly since we celebrated Veterans Day here in Delray Beach, FL  There were parades, solemn ceremonies in cemeteries, mostly silent and unvisited on other days, and yes, even picnics and free food at the local restaurants; all contrived by patriotic and well meaning citizens as they struggled to comprehend the inevitability of war and the need for some among us to fight in them on behalf of their country.

355For this old Vietnam Veteran, the famous “fog of war” has been rendered almost invisible by the 46  years that have passed since my squadron was rushed to Vietnam to replace another with newer aircraft that had been deployed to confront the possibility of a war with North Korea over their seizure of the USS Pueblo. Remember the Pueblo Crisis?

We were a ragtag bunch when we arrived—about 50% professional military pilots and 50% volunteers from the Atlantic City and Washington, DC Air National Guard—but we were good at what we did, and when we left  Vietnam, we were absolutely certain we made a difference.

Every Veterans Day I find myself wondering why I volunteered to go to Vietnam, placing myself in harm’s way flying combat missions with a high probability of being shot down and being killed or captured. But this one is different. Miraculously, as I was writing these words an email came from an acquaintance I rarely hear from and the words it contained made it all perfectly clear.  I don’t know who wrote them but here they are:



“Not for ourselves alone

Not for us alone are we born;

our country, our community,  our friends, and our families

all have a share in us as we have a share in them.

Heartfelt thanks to you for your service

and remembrances of our many friends

who have passed on in service to our Country.”






Pelican Com Group To Publish Diane Lynn Collman’s New Novel “Off Her Rocker”

Posted on: September 15th, 2014 by Publisher No Comments

Hadley Palmer had the world at her feet—for a day. Then a devastating combination of youthful, reckless, choices and unforeseen tragedy sent her spiraling out of control. Many doubted that she would ever recover.

This gripping ,romantic novel about life, love, and the challenges of mental illness in rural America in the 1930s is scheduled for release in early December.

Book reviewers can obtain pre-publication copies by contacting publisher@pelicancomgroup.com.


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